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The tool you deserve at a price
you can’t resist

All plans include unlimited searches and projects
Advanced features and higher limits for strategic sourcing
The most powerful search of 420M+ candidates worldwide
Diversity Sourcing & Blind Hiring Mode
People Insights
SeekOut Robot AI Sourcing
Position Magnet & Power Filters
Automated email campaigns to increase candidate response rates
Contact info for 500 candidates/month
Export 5,000 profiles/month
Find Hidden Tech Talent
Premium Tech
All of Premium plus deep tech sourcing from GitHub
All Premium features plus:
Powerful search of 16M+ Github candidates
Coder Score ranking for each candidate
Github Insights
Each candidate rated by language expertise
Filter based on proven tech expertise
Direct access to candidate's actual code
SeekOut Expert
Groundbreaking search of over 80 million candidates in
Engineering+Life Sciences
based on theirPatents,Research,Conferences,Papers & more
Looking for a free tool? Try our Chrome extension, SeekOut Sourcing Assistant.
It's the free way to source, organize, enrich, and export candidate profiles.
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